Monday, July 14, 2008


I haven't written a blog in a while, truthfully because I have nothing interesting to talk about. But tonight something happened that made me emotional. After this specific event happened, it wasn't the event that made me upset it was the reaction of my boyfriend.
If you have ever talked to me you would know that I am an extremely pessimistic person. For example, after an exam one of my friends would ask me "how did you do?" i would always say "eh, i don't know, i probably got a "c"." Even though i probably did better. I think its a coping mechanism, i am not sure. That way if i got higher than a "c" i would be surprised and happy, and if i got a c or lower i wouldn't be upset because i expected it.
Anyway, back to my realization. After the "event" occurred my boyfriend called me and instead of being the pessimist person I usually am, i decided to give him a more "inspiration" speech. I told him that he should be grateful for being there and that he had the chance to experience what he did, he didn't feel the same way and explained that he had the right to be mad about it.
After a record 54 second conversation with him, I sat on my computer thinking about what he said. Sure he does have a right to be upset, but when you compare your life to others you should start to feel happy about what you have and that it could be way worse. I could be sick or be living in some country in Africa, with people starving and dying every minute from starvation. He should be happy that we have each other and that we are both happy and yes he has the right to be upset, but this shouldn't ruin your whole month.
So, my point is, whenever you are upset about something start thinking about how great your life is compared other people around the world.

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