Thursday, June 19, 2008

The story of how we met.

Continuing from my last blog, I am going to go into details of how my boyfriend and I met.
Lots of things had been going on with airport security in August of 2006. A group of terrorists had plotted to bring liquid explosives onto an airplane. So as a precaution TSA decided to ban liquids in carry ons. This put a big flaw into me meeting my boyfriend. First I was terrified of flying, especially alone. Second, my flight was at 6 am.. for sure I was going to look like a zombie coming off of that plane so I was going to put on my makeup AFTER I landed. Since liquids were banned that meant no foundation.. blush.....lip gloss... I was screwed.

That morning I devised a plan, I would put all of my makeup into my checked luggage and when I landed at the airport I would get my bags and run to the bathroom. Great plan? Not really. First of all my boyfriend wanted to meet me as soon as the plane landed, so i had to tell him the wrong terminal.

When I went to get my luggage you would think that there would be hundreds of people waiting for it as well.. nope, i was the only one waiting for my luggage. There was no where to hide! Meanwhile my boyfriend is walking around the wrong terminal looking for me and i was purposely ignoring his calls. I finally got my bags and ran to the bathroom. At first I didnt want to leave the bathroom, I didn't want to meet him anymore, rejection is hard and I didnt know if i could deal with it. After 10 mins of him trying to coax me out of the bathroom i decided to just go through with it.
I waited on a bench with my sunglasses on and I pretended to read a magazine while he approached me. I was so nervous I couldn't stand up, he finally broke the ice by saying "So... do I get a hug?" I reached out for him while sitting and gave him a hug.

When we finally got to the car he opened the door like a gentleman and we started to drive back to his house which was about 2 hours away from the airport. I called my mom and told her that I had arrived safely, she asked if he liked me and i said i didnt know (because i truthfully didnt.)
Justin was also calling his mom... about every 20 minutes which started to freak me out. They were talking in this code like language. I don't remember much of the car ride other than it was really quiet, i guess we were both nervous.
So the car ride was supposed to only be 2 hours and somehow it was now 3 we were lost. (or i thought). Finally he pulled into a forest preserve and I thought, oh great, everyone was right and he is a psycho and now i am going to die. In the distance I saw a picnic table with lunch set up, I was in shock.. no guy had ever done anything so sweet for me. We ate lunch.. peanut butter and jelly sandwiches , pasta and a cherry pie that his mother made. I was still nervous and had a hard time looking at him, he tried everything to make me feel more comfortable but it didn't help.

After we were done with the picnic we walked over to the car and he opened the door for me, he said "so can i get a kiss?" in my mind i said "hell no, i just ate pasta" but i gave him one anyway.. and when i went to sit in the car, i bumped my head on the ceiling.

Other than having a bruise on my head, the day was perfect...I was already in love with his personality and this date had sealed the deal. I was hooked. We spent the next 7 days together, going mini golfing.. dinner, movies , to theme parks.. was the best week of my life. I was finally in love at 21 years old. Saying good bye was hard.. so hard in fact that he extended my plane ticket and extra week so I could stay longer! How sweet.
(Picture : Justin on a row boat)

I know some people have a hard time with long distance relationships, but our situation is unique since he can work from anywhere there is a computer. We usually see each other for weeks or months at a time. We have never been apart more than a month.
(Picture: At Chocolate World, Hershey PA)

I love my relationship because I still have butterflies when I see him, its not an ordinary relationship where we see each other every night. I am hoping that he will move to Chicago someday... :D

New to this....

As you can probably tell, I am new to this. Sure I kept a diary when I was a little girl but I never wrote in it on a consistent basis. I guess I should talk a little bit about my life just in case anyone might want to know.

My name is Sarah, I have lived near or around Chicago all of my life. I really love it here and I don't think I would want to live anywhere else. I think people get the wrong impression of Chicago... violence...the mafia. Sure that's true.. but not in my neighborhood. I live on a pretty quiet block on the north side of the city, almost officially outside the city.

I attend the University of Illinois at Chicago, I am one of those "super seniors" (a nice term for those were unfortunate enough not to graduate in "standard" four years). I don't have any excuse for why I didn't graduate on time, I went into college not having a clue about what i wanted my major to be.. (I cant even decide what I want for lunch on a daily basis, let alone pick a major that is going to determine the rest of my life). So I attended the first 2 years undecided.

My best friend Liz was also pretty clueless when it came down to it. We all decided that over spring break in Cancun we would decide! We laid on the beautiful beaches waiting for this epiphany that never came. (Picture : Me, my friend Jamie and my sister's boyfriend in Cancun)

So its now the beginning of junior year.. and I had to make a decision. My friend Liz decided to declare her major as History and since I am more of a follower than a leader I decided, well why not. So now I was a History major. Great!

The moment I got home my mother asked me why I had choose that particular major and ofcourse the most popular question "What the hell are you going to do with a History major? Are you going to be a Teacher?" Let me tell you this now.. children scare me. I don't understand them, they are rude, loud and always want attention. I know some day that I will start to have warm feelings towards them.. but not now.

Anyways... My mother was right.. what was I going to do with that major if I wasnt going to teach? Great.. back to the drawing board. Since I had no major for the first two years I decided to take different classes to see what I liked the best, name a class.. I took it! Anthropology, Archaeology, Human nutrition, chemistry, asian studies, African american studies.. a class on sex.. western civilization, sentential logic, chemistry, biology, enviromental earth studies, french history, jewish-german history (most depressing class ever). To cut the story short.. I decided that I really liked my sociology classes...soooo thats the major i switched too!

Enough of school.

I am currently in a relationship. My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost two years this coming August. We met in an unconventional way (myspace). I had just got out of a relationship with my then boyfriend and was surfing myspace one night. I was linked to this profile through mutual friends and I decided to message him saying "your cute." (I had never done it before, but i thought to myself, why not? If he doesn't respond oh well.) He did respond with "you're* cute." When I got that message back I thought he was an asshole, i didn't know I was writing an essay for school and had to be grammatically correct! (I hate people who correct my grammar, I do not use correct grammar/spelling all the time, get over it! :]) We talked online for a while.. through AIM then eventually on the phone. There was a huge problem from the start.. he lived in Pennsylvania! But we really liked each other so we decided that we wouldn't let the long distance thing bother us. After weeks of him begging to meet we decided to meet on August 13th. I am not going to lie, I was really stressed out about meeting him. I am not the prettiest nor skinniest of girls out there, who knows if he would just decide that he didn't like me and leave me at the airport? I started to break out with hives thinking about it. I had never been on a trip alone in my life and now I was going to meet a guy in an airport.

Some people might think that I was nuts flying to a different state alone to meet some random person off the Internet, that is not entirely true, we had mutual friends. Now if you don't play games you wont know what I am talking about but if you do he is a professional gamer. Yes professional gamers exist, and the gaming industry is huge in Asian countries like Korea and China.

So anyways... we met... we fell in love, it was the best time of my life and I have never been happier... (more details later!)

If you would like to know about his life go buy the book gameboys! (
I think this is enough for my first post... I hope I didnt bore you to death!