Monday, August 18, 2008

I have found my new love..

When I was in grade school I was pretty much a tomboy. I always wore my hair in braids and had no idea what makeup was. In highschool I was a big dork with my pink tinted glasses (why god, why?) and fleece zip-up vests from old navy. My looks really didnt mean anything to me until I started to like this one guy. Lets call him "Adam". Adam was pretty popular, he was on the soccer team and was really cute, we had homeroom together, so everyday I would feel my heart skip a beat as he walked by me. Lets just say, nothing ever happened. Not like I blame the guy, I was the biggest dork in the world.
Anyway, so in sophmore year I decided to go to an actual salon to get my hair cut. I had never gone to one before, I had just asssumed that my hair was out of control and too frizzy to ever have any style. I went to some salon in Carson Pirie Scott (in Chicago) and was lucky enough to find Tuti (best hair dresser in the world). I gave her a picture of Mandy Moore and said I wanted to look like that. Needless to say I didnt come out looking like Mandy Moore, but I learned that with the right tools my hair could turn from an Afro into straight hair. I remember going to school the next day with my new hair , contacts and some decent clothes. When I saw Andy he walked right by me without saying hello, I was upset and my friend confronted him and asked why he was ignoring me, in fact he wasnt ignoring me, he hadnt recognized me! He came up to me and told me how different I looked. It made me feel good.
Anyway.. yeah we never went out and eventually he dropped out and moved to Florida. (Good thing we didnt date)
Alright... to the point.
I have discovered my love for makeup! I am about 10 years too late but I figured its never too late to learn how to do it. My boyfriend is concerned with my new found obession. I ordered my first mineral makeup eye shadow samples from pureluxecosmetics. And I LOVE THEM. go buy them!

Here are some looks I did : (Keep in mind I am still new!)

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